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Yurl: Curates the web
** create a manual videos page based on yurl video category (read-only)
** Don't print such ugly timestamps

To identify and open what you're looking for most (e.g. videos)
Video storyboarding Before buying, remember that it is better to want than own. HCat does not refresh the cache, you need to delete manually (so if new data is not appearing, that's why)
    TODO: downloaded videos button color rendering slows down loading, do it asynchronously (also the successfully downloaded videos file contains a lot of wrong information)
    For sorting into subcategories
      Use cases:
      * Deciding whether to buy a product before others you already want
      * As compact as Google Reader/Feedly (so you don't feel like creating RSS feeds so that you can view in Feedly)
        Use cases:
        * for a simple list to take when travelling to a bookstore
        * doesn't need to have URLs
          Use Cases:
          * for future-proofing, platform independent portability
          * must contain urls and titles
            Use cases:
            * Sharing large lists on a forum
            * Sharing a list in email (though email with rich media can do better)
              * printed summary for browsing in bedroom when bookshelf isn't big enough (so it must be more compact than the web view for thumbnails of products; if anything, the thumbnails for the web view are too big)
              * for seeing what you own
              * for seeing what you could buy when you're passively shopping
                Use cases:
                * Heap